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Certified Companion Animal Hygienist (CAH)
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  • All blades are sharpened on a professional model, fully automatic machine to ensure proper weight and balance for a longer blade life.
  • All blades are hollow ground according to factory specifications.
  • All blades tension is checked before and after sharpening.
  • Blades are returned cleaned, oiled, and ready for use.
  • The following sharpening services are available:
  A-5 clipper blade set  
  Large animal blade set  
Bandage scissors  
Small surgical scissors  
Grooming scissors  
Premium shears (Geib)  

Repair Service:

  • We offer factory trained service.
  • We have over 30 years experience.
  • We offer competitive prices. Please call for an estimate.
Oster clipper tune-up  
AGC/AG Andis clipper tune-up  
AGC - replace blade drive only  
Laube clipper tune-up kit (installed)  
Dryer repair  


  • Prepare a professional, clean package when sending your blades to us.  Use appropriate packing materials to protect the blades.  Enclose your completed order form and payment information. Seal package well.
  • Use a complete return address on each package, printed in a neat and legible manner.
  • Ship by UPS Ground service or US Post Office.  Please insure your equipment for a minimum of $100; this also provides a tracking system for your package.  Payment may be made by check, money order, American Express, MasterCard, or VISA.
  • Return shipping charges (including insurance and tracking) vary according to the size of your order.
1 clipper (only)  
Each additional clipper  
1-4 blades  
5-14 blades  
15 or more blades  



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